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The main commitment of the company is to pursue a quality organic farming, in order to preserve the environment and the consumers.
Quality and nutritional safety represent characterising features of the company, involving all aspects of its activity. For this reason, all efforts have been concentrated in the study of the processes, outlining Criteria and Principles together with specific Protocols of Production in regard of the customers’ needs and the long experience over the years.
Since 2003 the company has made use of the GlobalGap Certification and cultivates according to the principles of the Good Agricultural Practice. Irrigation and fertilization, are planned according to the needs of the various cultivar and the information about the soil and water analysis.

In order to reduce the use of chemical interventions, the defence of the plants is realized following the principles of the “Technical line of Defence”, established in agreement with the clients. It also consistently monitors the infectious levels of the pathologies.
In order to protect the consumers, the company has established a Plan of Risk Evaluation, attaching great importance to the contaminants of the insecticide treatments. This is aimed at guarantee low residues, well below the law limits on the final product.
The company has also a very efficient Plan of Traceability. It assures a thorough control of the entire productive chain. The production area of the company is divided in numbered plots in order to manage all the phases of production, including harvesting and packaging.
The company also aims at creating strong and enduring relationships with its clients. Together with the products, it also supplies the necessary cooperation in order to improve the productive process for future plans based on a mutual trust and esteem.

The subdivision of farmland into lots
for a complete and unambiguous traceability

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